If you spend the day and you are spending more time at improper tasks of your position.

If you do not get to manage all the documentation.

If you need specialist knowledge with Contractors and HS.​

If you have the feeling that something is missing.​

If you need ...

Yes ...

If you want to trust document management , and do not throw it to someone, we help you with:

Support and documentary review of contracts and subcontractors

Review of Documentation in 24h performed by HS technicians

Our team is made up of HS technicians that are up to date with regulations and advise our clients in legal compliance, as well as in the most common standards.

Not everything is regulated and well defined, however, we have been in this for years and we will guide you at all times.

The service loans in several languages.

Document Management of Other Platforms

No more technical at the door of your clients

If something can be done in a better automatic. That's why we are founding partners of Konvergia . But everything that can not be automated, we collected and send the documentation to your Customers, either via mail or through their own CAE applications.

We manage interventions, events, maintenance, ... delegates in us the contractors management in the facilities of your clients or works.

We will develop the service to guarantee at all times the access of your employees to the facilities of your customers.

Do you want to make a more visible and efficient system?

Fill in the form and ww contact you as soon as posible


Why do outsourcing fall with us?​

Because it is impossible to know about everything. And the details that are not part of the core of your company's business is better to trust them with an expert company.

Why should I trust the documentary outsourcing of my fall?

For 2 reasons.

Because if we can automate something, we will. To save, of course.

Because we do not externalize what you outsource. It seems obvious, but ...​

Is expensive to outsource the fall?

It is expensive if you do it with whom you should not. Or as you should not.

The important thing is profitability. A good service and good technology is more important that allows you to save manual work.

It is a matter of dedicating time. The fair. Neither more, nor less.

How long will I have to dedicate to outsourcing fall?

At first, and over time, less.

First we know each other and evaluate needs. We adjusted the actuation protocol, if necessary.

We take confidence and, after, cruise speed.

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