The only way for solving problems is make visible . And

The 6Ccnecta app allows you to carry out inspections, audits and report incidents in situ and real-time. Combined with the web application you can make visible the preventive management of day to day. Collect data automatically and standardize reports.

works on the ground and saves management time.

He works on the ground and saves management time.

  • He works on the ground and saves management time.
  • Send by mail or messaging the report from your device.
Configure your own check-list and forms.​

Configure your own check-list and forms

  • With the Check-List templates manager you can define the forms you need.
  • Define prior control parameters to apply some questions or others.
  • Add the questions and adjust the different types of answers: text, options, date.
plan solutions to be adopted

Decide at the time what to do, who and when.

  • Assign tasks with responsible and deadlines.
  • Send notices and reminders.
  • Pre-load activities to be performed or declared spontaneously.

About who performs the action, at what time and where.

Online and offline

He works in places without coverage with freedom.

Photos in situ.

Capture the photos, highlight details or add comments.


Manage and plan tasks, with responsible and deadlines.


He works as a team and sends your reports in real time without going through the office.


Sending alerts and reminders so that no detail escapes.

Sort by subjects

Configure the different activities to be carried out: audits, inspections, observations, etc.


Register accidents or incidents on the ground. Investigate the causes of it and attach the evidence you consider.


Configure your dashboard to analyze and report interest information.

6conecta by AREASEYS

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