In a changing environment where everything happens very quickly, not having digitized your work prevention management system is limiting your possibilities.

Take the tasks and procedures a day.

Convince people from doing what they have to do.​

The bosses too.​

Without anyone assuming more risks than necessary. Without anyone suffers an incident.

Improving indicators.​

Some expect them to make them easier everything. Faster. More modern

You can not depend on Excel. Your management system has to flow.

With 6conecta , the Health and Safety software, we help you that your own or joint prevention service Get:

More visibility. Improve participation and safety integration

With 6conecta you provide all people who need a tool to access your organization's work HS management system.

HS technicians, employees, intermediate, managers and / or contractors.

With our permissions management each person can access the functions you need. According to hierarchy and structure.

Less follow up. More Commitment More action.​

You will have a single space from which to control compliance with the planning regardless of the origin of each action. A risk assessment. An incident. An inspection. One nonconformity. Whatever you have defined in your management system.

With assignment of responsibilities, monitoring of deadlines and control of changes.

In summary, Centralized and unified planning and agenda

0 papers. Less bureaucracy.​

Digitizing is not to scan documents.

We propose a system where automatically generate the document you need and the person signature.

In a face-to-person or remote manner. With all legal guarantees.

Without printing a single paper.

Avoid dangerous tasks for those who do not have the training

Who can do what?

Monitor and manage the training of your employees regarding their training, acknowledgments, authorizations and / or EPIS.

You can manage it pro-active and consult your situation from any device.

More agile assessments to focus on risk control

Avoid blank paper syndrome.

Create evaluations with different methodologies in a few clicks. Generates planning automatically and controls risks quickly and efficiently.

Go ahead of the management system. Take it on your mobile

Digitizes the activity in the field where it is necessary with our mobile application: inspections, audits, observations, incidents, non-conformities, report of incident, documentation signature ...

With 6conecta, your equipment avoids the back of office, working in real time.

Unified documentation management

Forget about having the files in shared folders or directories.

Avoid risks of accidental erases or complex access systems.

6conecta generates the documentation of your management system, organizes it and encodes it.​

Control panels to make agile decisions in real time

You will not have to cross the information and update it separately.

6conecta facilitates a multitude of graphics and indicators so you can have a real-time vision of the situation.

A HS application with platform falls

It also manages the Contractors Management, with your contracts / subcontractors or with your customers from 6conecta. We tell you more detail here

We are the only HS management software associated with Konvergia​

An open and integrable solution with other corporate software

If you want to get fast, go alone. If you want to go away, work as a team.

We integrated with your HR software, the user management system and authentication or your Business Intelligence platform.

Do you want to make a more visible and efficient safety system?

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How much does it cost?

How much improvement do you want to get?

What do you want to achieve really? It is possible that you find cheaper solutions. But no more economical.

If you need a range, it costs more than subscription to Netflix and less than a trip to space.

Will I have help to implement the PRL management software?

Yes. All projects include an implementation in which you will have the support of a consultant. You will receive specific advice and training.

If what you need are hands, we can also put consultants at your part time disposal.

Do you need some type of installation the PRL platform?

You only need your browser to use the web version. 6conecta is SaaS (Software as a Service)

For mobile versions, you have our applications published in Google and Apple stores.

Is there a software according to ISO 45001?

With 6conecta you will have a management system based on ISO 45001. To make visible the risks of your organization. But to control them too. And also with your contractors and subcontractors.

6conecta by AREASEYS

Everything you need in just one application.

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