The key to updating the information of a provider is to have a centralized and collaborative channel

With 6Conecta you can centralize in a single platform the initial approval and evaluation of suppliers, with the use of questionnaires, document management and the declaration of incidents or non-conformities.

Automates The sending of questionnaires and their evaluation

Configure the questionnaires you need and automate your shipment and evaluation.

  • Requests each provider with the information required according to categories of activity.
  • It integrates a flow of approval according to the departments or roles involved.
Save time Unifying document management

Request the documentation you need before hiring and, if necessary, connect it with the functionality of Contractors Management.

  • classify the requirements request by activity categories.
  • If the provider is also a contractor and is registered in the Contractors module, it will only provide the documentation only time.
Integrate The evaluation of suppliers with shopping processes or payments

We have an API with which you can automate the high supplier, as well as use real-time information to authorize purchase orders depending on the provider's status.

If you want a comprehensive service

We help you to deploy it and lend a continuous support.

6conecta by AREASEYS

Everything you need in just one application.

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