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You do not want to buy us because our software is great, You want to...'

Save time

Forget about administrative tasks of little value.


Multiple configuration options, and at the same time simple.


With information in real time and synchronized.


Because health and safety is everyone's responsibility.

Organize, digitize and collaborate

Generate your own documentation digitally.
Automate processes.
From everywhere or device.
Collaborate with other technicians, users, employees and contractors.


The HS Software works for you

6conecta is designed as you think, by safety and health professionals.

6conecta is thought how it is used, for health and safety professionals.


Your Health and Safety system with you always

With the 6conecta app you can access statistics, reminders, send reports, sign documents ... A complete solution in mobility.

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Experience all that 6conecta can make for you.

6conecta powered by AREASeys
Integrated with the B2B network connects your documents and those of your contractors with other B2B platforms automatically.