Do you manage Health and Safety to fill records or to avoid accidents ?

Reducing the number of incidents in your organization is really hard. Comply with planning. Teach training in time and shape. Avoid hazards. And if you can not, control them. Present reports on time. And, of course, that everyone assumes safety and health as their own.

You need to lose less time between papers or with repetitive tasks.​

With the software 6conecta, we help your Health and Safety deparment gets:
More time to avoid hazards

Dedicates less time to bureaucratic tasks:​

  • Generating digitally documentation
  • Automating processes
  • Collaborating with other technicians, users, employees and contractors
Access at any time and place to information

With the application of 6conecta you will have access without waiting to go through the office where you can:

  • Performing Mobility
  • Access statistics
  • Receive notifications
  • Send reports
  • Sign documents
The easiest things
We have gone through it

6conecta is designed as you think, by health and safety professionals

6conecta is thought as used for safety and health professionals

What solution does your HS department need?
Digitizing the Health and Safety Management System

To integrate the prevention of real work risks

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A platform for Contractors and Documents Management

An expert service to control documentation and grow

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With our application 6conecta Your Department of Health adn Safety
It complies with the regulations.

Starting by the beginning is usually a good start. To be more relax and to continue taking steps

Manage the risks.

Identifying. Evaluating Avoiding Reducing. Removing. Planning. Controlling

It makes agile decisions.

It is easier to know what to do if you have the centralized and organized information, always.


Health and Safety is all responsibility. Of those above. Of the medium. And from those below. With the outside. 6conecta is a collaboration space

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6conecta by AREASEYS

Everything you need in just one application.